October 2, 2011

any given sunday

In our house, Sundays afternoons are meant for sprawling on the couch and watching football. We have our assigned places on the sectional: I lay perpendicular to the TV with Hadley napping on top of me (it is a special Sunday privilege) and Evan lays parallel to the TV, with his head near mine and Molly curled up inside the bend of his knees. It is one of my favorite family traditions.

But on weeks like this, football hurts.

First the Aggies. Then the Cowboys.

It was all so painful.

Thankfully, I was left with one team to root for who knew how to take a lead and keep it--my fantasy team. They mended my broken football heart this weekend.

I wanted to personally recognize their efforts and achievements thus far in my undefeated season.

So here's to my starting line up: Cam Newton, Michael Turner, Ahmad Bradshaw, Vincent Jackson, Calvin Johnson, Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, Nick Folk and the Saints Defense/Special Teams.

I adore each and every one of you.


  1. Same exact thing happened to me this weekend. TCU gets beat by SMU (sick!), the the Cowboys lose (boo), but my fantasy team was the only thing that saved the day. Too bad it's just a fantasy though... Sigh.

  2. True, but at least in Fantasyland I can win an NFL jersey.

  3. Uhh, don't forget about your association football team Matt. Liverpool beat Everton with Stevie G on the field. That's reality!


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