October 20, 2011

dream closet

I had a really wonderful birthday. One of the extra wonderful parts about my birthday was the present.

Evan is going to remodel our closet.

I dream it, he builds it. He's also helping me fill it up a bit more too. (love) So this week I'm working on designing the dream closet. I've been looking through pinterest for some ideas and making lists of functions I want. Here are some of my inspirational closets:

So help me out here. What should be in my dream closet? Cubbies? Shoe racks? Cabinets? A chandelier? (Duh!) I'd love some thoughts. :)


  1. You definitely need some shoe racks! Maybe some more hanging space as well?

  2. What I love about my closed at home is the storage shelves behind doors. I don't like everything to be visible! Plus I love drawers. Plus, I love being able to put stuff on a real high shelf. You can even have a shelf above the door. Plus I love the built in laundry basket with a door on it! CiCi

  3. You need a place for some of those almost knee high leather women's boots. The fashion thing in Palermo Chico.


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