October 3, 2011

three months

Guess who is three months old today?

Here are some hints:

  • she is terrified of sneezes
  • she spits up like it's her job
  • she smiles every time I see her
  • she still hasn't outgrown newborn clothes
  • she takes four naps a day
  • I adore her
It's my girl, Hadley Joy. To celebrate this monumental achievement, she wore a bow to the grocery store today. She's pretty wild. I mean just look at her. 



  1. We don't really say 'wild' anymore... :)

  2. I need to kiss her and hug her and talk to her and read to her and look at her and rock her and feed her and love her ASAP!!! Cici

  3. She looks like trouble. :) I love her.

  4. how have i not known about this blog, crazy!! love it. and love this little nugget!!


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