January 3, 2012

honey do

As you may know, my hubs is quite tech savvy and quite handy. I can dream up just about any project for our house and he can make it a reality.

When we got married, I made a conscious decision to not become a nagging, cantankerous wife, so we have systems for everything. (signals for when the trash should go out etc.) Once I give the signal, I leave it and know that it will get done as soon as he gets a chance. So nagging is non-existent and there is extra love to go around. (I also think it is fun to randomly make chores really fun, like the time I got Evan new wakeboard bindings and put the box in the trash with a letter for him to find when he took it out).

It helps that Evan is extremely considerate and loves projects, so much so that he even made me an awesome honey-do request form. If I think of a project, I just fill out a request and send it his way and it goes into a prioritized spreadsheet that he references when he has time for projects.

I just filled out this request for a hook for the adorable anthropologie aprons that Hadley and I got for Christmas. :)

[He made the request page using the "form" option of google docs and I have a shortcut to the link on my computer]

I'm still in the process of making some New Year's Resolutions and hope to come up with more fun things like it.


  1. I need to get my hubby to make one of these!

  2. that is so Evan I can't even think of a witty thing to say. :) Can't wait to see the pictures of aprons! More Christmas presents coming your way soon!

  3. I love love love that. Recently saw an article about "Nagging: The Marriage Killer", so this would be great. Maybe I can make one up too! And he could probably make a "Sweetie Do" list for me. :-)


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