January 3, 2012

six months

Today I am the mother of a six month old.

i could just eat her up.


  1. Seriously ... she is the cutest baby ever! I have never seen a baby so happy. Just being around her makes everyone happy. What a wonderful blessing. Had so much fun with all of you this past week. Please tell "chickin-lickin" that I can't wait to see her again. The drive from SAT to Austin is a quick one and I can babysit anytime time. Much love to you all ...

    p.s. I don't know where I got the phrase "chickin-lickin" and now that I have written it down is seems kind of ... different. Oh well ... X0X0X0X to all ...

  2. oh my sweet elf eared gorgeous girl!
    That's it, I am finding a nursing program, and Luke a job and we're moving to Austin so I can kiss that sweet face anytime I want!

  3. Happy half birthday Hadley! I love you. Pappa of the north.


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