February 28, 2012

it's called TOWN lake | 101 in 1001

I loved Valentine's day, Evan and I spent the afternoon eating tacos from a trailer downtown and then taking a stroll around Town Lake. If you call it Lady Bird Lake, shame on you. That is a disgrace to Austin and something I feel very passionate about. Town Lake. Forever.

Anyways, walking the lake just happened to be on my 101 list too. Anytime I'm in downtown Austin I think just seeing everyone circle that lake running, or walking with their dogs makes me love Austin more, and I already really love Austin.

We also stopped on the footbridge and sat on a bench. I find footbridges to be quite romantic.

Yes, let's pretend we ARE robots. Thanks to the bridge's fabulous suggestion, I did a robot dance. Evan thinks it is awesome when I dance because I am so good at it. (this is false, except that I really did dance)

Hope your Valentine's Day was happy too!

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