March 19, 2012

herbs! | 101 in 1001

Well, we crossed a big project off the list this week and I need to take a moment to acknowledge just how excited I am about it. Somewhere in the middle of raking the entire backyard, weeding the entire backyard and moving nine yards of dirt into the backyard (that is more dirt than you ever want to move in your life) while getting ready to plant new grass, a beautiful herb garden has come into existence alongside our house.

It lives right next to the magical AC unit that I swear helps compensate for my black thumb and makes things grow beautifully.

I found the design for the garden on pinterest, and Evan went out to the garage and whipped it right up, I mean it was uncanny how quickly and skillfully he made our little garden.

So here it is:

There are 10 square foot slots, each housing a different herb. I'll list them out and the reason I'm excited about them:

1. Mint (mojitos!)
2. Parsley (pasta!)
3. Lavendar (tea! yummy smells!)
4. Cilantro (queso!)
5. Thyme (roasts!)
6. Basil (caprese!)
7. Dill (fish!)
8. Sage (sage brown butter! on EVERYTHING!)
9. Chives (potato soup!)
10. Basil (pesto!)

I'm pretty excited about it all. Can you tell? I've already gone out several times to jazz up meals with fresh herbs. And yes, I just used the phrase "jazz up" I was hoping you wouldn't notice.

Herb on.


  1. Love it! I'm creating an herb bed out of our front flower beds this year. I hope you enjoy cooking with all of those fabulous herbs. =)

  2. So fun! Are you planting anything I'm missing out on?

  3. I'm pertHURBed you would say such a thing

  4. Okay. I thought that was an old CD/DVD holder shelf, which... doh! I just sold one in a garage sale, but it would have made a perfect herb garden holder. Maybe I can find one. Our veggie garden is having a slow start, but the tomatoes in pots are exploding already!


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