March 20, 2012


Hadley isn't one to brag, probably because she can't talk.

This is why you probably don't know that she has two beautiful little teeth now.

She's had them for a few weeks, but doesn't really flaunt them. Seeing them requires a bit of laughter.  Of course, laughter isn't hard to come by, just a pinch of the cheeks can get it.

Anyways, she won't brag but I will. Here is my sweet baby and her little chompers.


  1. I can not wait to see this baby and her chompers in less than 3 days ... oh and her parents too. Much love to all the Prothos ... Viva la Hog !


  2. Those of us in Jerusalem are showing her off to our friends!

  3. HaddyBoo! Love your face babygirl! Especially those chompers!


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