March 2, 2012

what do you call these?

Today there was a giant migration of little bugs on our driveway. I noticed it when I was taking the trash out and it was just so fun and random that I had to stop and take a quick picture.

These bugs bring up a very important question. I believe the answer says a lot about a person. The question is this: what do you call these bugs?

I call them doodlebugs. I think this is the most correct answer to the question. This is a hotly debated topic in our household, as my husband believes the answer to be rolly-pollies. After years of hard work and communication, we've come to a level of tolerance for each other's preference. Most of our unity has been found in this fact: they should never, under any circumstance, be referred to as pill bugs. That is ridiculous. And more wrong than anything. Ever.

Also, isn't it fun that this little guy has a green stripe on his back? Fun what you can see with a lil magnification.

Also, if you are one of those people, who calls them pill bugs, feel free to explain yourself in the comments. I just don't get it. But I am willing to try.


  1. I'm going to agree with your hubby on this. Definitely called rolly-pollies. Why? Because they're roll, they're rolly.

    As cute as the name "doodle bug" is, I have never ever in my life seen one doodle :)

    1. That is the cutest explanation I have ever heard. :)

  2. Role-y pole-ys pheontic is best.

  3. I'm thinking if most of your readers are Texan, they will agree with Evan as I do. Because they roll around in a ball, thus rolly being a perfect descriptive name. I've never heard them called doodlebugs, but that's such a fun name as well! Pillbug is certainly too ugly of a name for such a fun bug. Ella and I have had lengthy discussions each morning this week in our driveway talking about the endless possibilities of fun with roly-polys. Why do we each spell that word differently? What a controversial creature! ;)

  4. I call them doodle bugs but Mimi says pill bugs.

  5. While I grew up calling them Roley Polies (which now that I read it, sure does look like a racial slur), I have heard them called many other things including pill bugs, and sow bugs. As you can see(, there are many ridiculous names for the common woodlouse, although pill bug and roley polie is unique to the species we have here (

    Not to get even more nerdy over here, but as they are a crustacean (like crabs, etc) and not an insect or arachnid, I think "pill bug" is a misnomer as most people use the moniker "bug" to refer to insects and arachnids only, if not insects exclusively.

  6. I am the weird one and will tell you that those are Potato Bugs! :) Thats what my family called them!

  7. Well, it appears Evan has the world on his side. I still say doodle... :)

  8. Growing up in Illinois, we called them Potato Bugs too, Megling. ^^)


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