April 30, 2012

hog wrestling

Once again we headed to Sabinal for a weekend this March to lounge around the hill country, eating delicious food, hanging out with good friends, playing dominoes and wrestling hogs. It is always a great time and this year just got even better. 

All the photos are courtesy of Sir Kyle Wood. I passed off my camera when I had to leave early to take Hadley back to the house for a nap. Total honesty, even though I was sad to miss the wrestling, I got to lay out in a reclining camping chair by myself for two hours in the breezy Texas spring and it was heaven.  I felt super lucky. 

Sheridan won a buckle for her quick time the second year in a row. This year she was assisted by her beautiful sister Jordan. Their parents were beaming with pride. 

There are also some videos on youtube that Kyle took:

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  1. once again ... the stupidity of humanity at its best. regrettable that our treatment to the other species on earth.


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