April 20, 2012

new eats | 101 in 1001

I've been making lots of progress on my 101 list, I think I've crossed off close to 20 things. This was an easy one: eat at 5 new Austin restaurants. I knew when I made the goal it would be no trouble since I love finding new places, but it kept me motivated to go somewhere new when there are so many great favorites in Austin.

Have I mentioned that I love Austin? Such. great. food. 

So here are the 5 new places I ate:

FRANK-gourmet hot dogs, homemade waffle fries with dipping sauces. yum! 

THE NOBLE PIG-gourmet sandwich shop, attached to a charcuterie, that I could literally walk to! 

IZZOZ TACOS-taco trailer downtown with fresh, yummy tacos, bonus points for being by gourdoughs!

BISCUITS AND GROOVY-trailer specializing in the art of biscuits and gravy, good and filling!

BACON-delicious breakfast shop, highlighting the deliciousness of homemade bacon

DISCLAIMER: I did not intend to go to such gluttonous, unhealthy options, but I also do not regret it. So delicious!!!

I would go back to all of them though I'm most likely to return in the order of: Bacon, Noble Pig, Frank, Biscuits and Groovy, Izzoz. 

Have a wonderful weekend! Eat Happy!

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